Welcome to the pages dedicated to exclusive cars from manufacturers from all over the world!

In the world every year dozens of different automotive interiors and exhibitions, where major car manufacturers, producing mainly production models of cars, and tuning-studio involved in the creation of exclusive auto show visitors the results of their labor. Only here you can see the "live" these works of automotive art and see the latest ideas and technologies of the automotive industry.

Some of the vehicles provided by the general public will not get into production, but this does not mean that these cars were made in vain. It is in these cars are giving the most daring design decisions that are often ahead of its time. And even if the car itself will remain a concept, then many of the technical solutions used in creating it, find applications in other mass-produced car models.

Automotive world is not standing still, it is constantly evolving. In his review, published in the pages of this site, we try to highlight all of any significant events the fascinating world of exclusive cars.

New Opel Astra hatchback online
Audi at the motor show in Leipzig
Kia Forte LPI
Volkswagen Golf GTD - GTI for fans of diesel engines
Hyundai HND-4 Blue-Will - a concept with a hybrid engine
Porsche Cayenne GTS Series Design Edition
Citroen C4 Coupe from the Loeb Edition MY09
Brabus - the best brand in 2009
Toyota MR2 returns
Rolls-Royce RR4 (200EX) - Official Information
BMW Z4 M - victim of economic crisis
Serial Lamborghini Estoque will not until
Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG almost officially
Alfa Romeo MiTo Veloce
BMW Megacity - environmentally friendly model
Magic Ford S-MAX
Caparo T1 Race Extreme
Opel Insignia Sports Tourer OPC - test at Nurburgring
Audi R2 - a small copy of roofless R8
The first tests of the flying car
How will the new Jaguar XJ
Joint project of MINI and Airstream
Audi RS3 - to be!
Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo - a powerful and economical
BMW Z10 ED - rival Audi
Opel Insignia - a powerful wagon - 1
Opel Insignia - a powerful wagon - 2
Opel Insignia - a powerful wagon - 3
Opel Insignia - a powerful wagon - 4
The new version of Ford Mondeo
The first Audi R8 LMS was sent to the customer
Convertible Lotus Evora and SC in 2011 - 1
Convertible Lotus Evora and SC in 2011 - 2
Lexus preparing IS-F Evolution
Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCell Hybrid
The system S-AWC Mitsubishi - 1
The system S-AWC Mitsubishi - 2
The system S-AWC Mitsubishi - 3
List of finalists World Car of the Year 2009
Porsche celebrates 40 years
Five lives KTM X-Bow at Geneva - 1
Five lives KTM X-Bow at Geneva - 2
Five lives KTM X-Bow at Geneva - 3
Five lives KTM X-Bow at Geneva - 4
Concept Fioravanti Tris